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DIY Mugs

If you’re like me, then there’s probably an extensive amount of mugs in your cabinet. One turns into ten and at that point there’s definitely not enough room in the cabinet. While they’re a great gift to give, sometimes you can build your collections of mugs to the point where you don’t use them a lot and they just collect dust. Here are some uses for mugs to fix some of those issues that you might have.
The first easy step to using your mugs is making an herb garden. It’s a really easy way to come up with a reason to grow your own herbs and spices, and a lot of fun to take care of plants. You’ll need a mug, some soil, and some herbs. You can get them at Walmart or grow them from used produce. Fill the mug with potting soil, then place the plant inside. Water it every other day and don’t forget to keep it in sunlight.
The next thing you can use your mug for is a “tip jar” of sorts. You can make it whatever you like, whether it be a “swear jar” or putting your change into the mug and seeing how much you have at the end of the month. You can label it however you want and enjoy the fun that ensues.
Another use for mugs is to make eggs. You can make a pretty fantastic poached egg by just using a mug. Break the egg into a mug, and then pour it into hot water on your burner. Keep watch over the egg, and make sure to take it out when it starts to look solid.
Another great use is as a music amplifier. This works best if you’re using your iPhone. Stick the iPhone into the mug sitting on its side. You’ll want to have the speaker side out. The music will definitely be loud and clear once you turn it on, and it’s an easy no-cost-necessary speaker for you to jam to your favorite songs during finals when they come around.
If you have some copper mugs, you can make some really fantastic mocktails. When it comes to serving these, mugs have become a bit of a fad. Put together a ginger ale and seltzer water combo with cranberry juice and you’ll have a great mocktail mule, and you can serve it in one of these mugs.
Show us how you use your mug and feel free to tag us on Instagram at @eaglenews to show us your mug creations and tips.

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