DIY: Terrariums

Part of having a healthy lifestyle and living well is taking care of yourself. While diets, exercise and different things like that can help, I’ve also found that having plants around your home helps you relax.

It’s something to create and take care of, and it’s extremely calming to take care of them.

Terrariums are a new trend that have come up and this week I’m going to teach you how to make a great terrarium.

The first thing you need is some potting soil and some moss. You can also go ahead and buy some “air plants”, also called Tillandsia. You need to have the best kind of plants for the terrarium.

There’s plenty of plants to buy, but the best ones to buy are Friendship Plants, Variegated Spider Fern, Watermelon Peperomia, Starfish Plant, Silver Nerve Plant, Golden Clubmoss and Spiderwort.

The second thing you need is something to hold the plant in.

There are plenty of really wonderful things that you can create for a terrarium.

If you make a pendant lamp with lights in it, make sure to use fake plants instead of real ones. You can make terrariums out of pendant lamps and they usually come out very pretty. You can also make a “terrarium house,” by hot gluing old picture frames together. You can also make terrariums with clear glasses or tea cups. It isn’t much to make and it can be combined with other little terrariums.

You can also make a little necklace with it as well if you’d like something small to wear that can also add to whatever vibe you’re feeling.

The classic way to do it is to get something like a fish tank or fishbowl and you can put it anywhere.

The last thing that you need to do is to put it together to create a perfect calming decoration that’s a lot of fun to take care of.

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