DIY: Stress Relief

With finals coming up, it’s becoming more obvious that things are getting stressful. There’s projects, presentations and exams, so there’s bound to be moments of stress. These simple tips will help you get through finals week and any other stressful events in your life.
The first is an Orbeez Stress ball. This is really a lot of fun and a great craft to do if you’re really needing a stress ball and are a bit low on time. For this you’ll need Orbeez, a transparent balloon, water, and a bottle. First, fill the bottle up with Orbeez. Take the balloon and fill it up just slightly with water. You won’t need much. Then, attach the top of the balloon to the bottle and transfer the Orbeez to the balloon. Tie the balloon shut and you’ll have yourself an Orbeez stress ball.
The second is a detox water for stress. The most important thing about de-stressing is taking care of your health, and this should do the trick. For this you’ll need strawberry slices, cucumber slices, lime slices, crushed mint leaves, water, and ice. Mix all the ingredients into a container and let it sit for ten to twenty minutes. I personally prefer twenty since it lets the fruit absorb fully into the water. Serve once the time is passed.
The third is a mini zen garden. Zen gardens are really nice to have and really do help with de-stressing as well. What you’ll need is a shallow container, fine sand, small flat rocks,a bonsai tree, or something similar, and a mini zen garden rake. First, add a thin layer of sand to the tray so the designs you make will last. Put some decorations in, but don’t make it busy because the designs should be the most prominent part of the garden. Use the rake to create swirls and waves.
The fourth is slime. Slime is a fun way to de-stress and get your attention on something else. What you’ll need is white school glue, liquid starch, shaving cream and tiny rainbow round sprinkles. For this, you’ll start with two cups of glue, which you can really just estimate. Add one cup of shaving cream and one-fourth of a cup of liquid starch to the bowl before you stir. The slime will start to form after a minute of stirring.You can begin kneading the slime after that. Once it’s made, lay it out and add the sprinkles into the slime and wait thirty seconds so it has time to absorb. Pull it through your hand after and soon enough you’ll see the rainbows.