BREAKING: A volunteer with FGCU’S football club has extended “offers” to over 100 individuals across the country

The image that is circulating the internet after over 100 students were

The image that is circulating the internet after over 100 students were “offered” to play on the FGCU football team. FGCU has a student-run football club, but it has nothing to do with admissions or the Division 1 NCAA.

In a tweet released by FGCU the university stated the following:
“Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is a member of the Division 1 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), successfully operating with 15 intercollegiate sports for student-athletes. These sports do not include football, nor are there plans to add football to FGCU athletics. There is, however, a Campus Recreation football sport club, run by student club members who schedule competitions with sport clubs at other universities and colleges.
Unfortunately, we have been notified that a non-employee, volunteer with the football sport club has extended “offers” to come to FGCU and play football to more than 100 individuals across the country. This has been done without FGCU’s knowledge or sanction, and has caused a great deal of confusion to not only individuals receiving “offers” but to others reading accounts on social media. These 100+ individuals may not realize the “offer” has nothing to do with our NCAA intercollegiate athletics program, or with the normal process that prospective students use to apply and gain admission to the university. Any offers to participate in any of FGCU’s Division 1 Athletics’ sports teams are made through official recruitment in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations.”
We will post updates as more information is gathered.