Police Beat: Prevented suicide, dorm party fight, and stolen bike

On Friday, Jan. 17, an FGCU student told authorities he wanted to jump off of a ledge. Subject was said to have past suicide attempts and idealization. An officer went to Park Royal hospital with the subject.
On Saturday, Jan. 18, a caller reported a subject trying to remove a small portion of the caller’s vehicle wrap. According to the caller, the subject became belligerent with the owner when told to stop touching the vehicle. No arrests were made.
On Sunday, Jan. 19, a caller reported a fight between males and females outside of North Lake, where someone was holding a party in their dorm. Lee County Sherriff Office called with a caller on the line with the same complaint.
A UPD officer spoke with the resident who held the party and obtained statements from all involved parties. The resident said that he had invited a few friends over and one of the guests invited several students from FSW college. The resident asked the uninvited guests to leave and it led to an argument. The uninvited guests left, and then returned and a physical altercation occurred. Medical treatment was refused and sworn statements were taken, as well as a battery report.
On Wednesday, Jan. 22, a student reported a lost/stolen bike outside of Whitaker Hall. The bike is a 10-speed black hybrid. The student stated that he locked the bike to the bike rack at 1 p.m. and then it was gone when he went back outside.
On Thursday, Jan. 24, a victim called UPD to report that she is being harassed by another student. The victim stated that the subject reached out to her on social media and continues reaching out even after being blocked.
Victim was told to contact UPD if he continues to harass her. The victim gave a written statement.
Later that day, the victim reported being harassed again and the subject was escorted to CAPS by a UPD officer.