Soaking Up Summer at FGCU


Sigmund | Unsplash

Kerrie Blankenship, Staff Writer

As I sit here at home for the summer missing FGCU and counting the days till move-in, let’s dive into what eagles involved on campus and taking classes online have been up to this summer.

Now, this is my first summer back from college and my first semester taking all my classes online. It’s definitely a big shift from the routine of in-person classes, where you find a seat and talk with the people next to you, compared to returning back to zoom breakout rooms and discussion posts.

FGCU rising sophomore Alexis Johnson, currently taking an effective speaking course online this summer, notes the pros of being a virtual student.

“The class works for me online because I was too nervous to take it in person and speak in front of a big group,” Johnson said.

With summer classes there are considerable ups and downs. It’s great not only to hit the summer credit requirement for graduation, but it’s a plus to take credits that you might not have time for in the Fall. I know in my case, I opted to take an elective that connects to my major this summer since my Fall schedule was already packed, but it’s engaging to learn something that I know will be beneficial and useful, even if it’s not during the traditional parts of the school year.

FGCU rising sophomore Lilly Mackewich is enrolled in an online course this summer and notes the structure of her Philosophy class online has helped her tremendously.

“I think the structure of the summer classes has allowed me to have more time to actually indulge in my coursework criteria while letting me enjoy vacations and other activities,” Mackewich said.

It’s the best of both worlds to get to really make the most of your classes without the pressure of extra credits and job stress because it’s the summer. Not only is it class in the summer, but we are in Florida, so the sun is out and almost every day is a pool day! Summer to me has the perfect balance of work and play.

FGCU sophomore Ashlyn Anaya dives into the balance of summer while being a current resident in West Lake Village.

“It’s pretty empty and there’s no one really hanging out on the lawn like in the fall,” Anaya said. “Over the summer, everyone just kind of goes to class and goes home.”

A plus side of staying over the summer for Anaya is having the opportunity to house in West Lake as a sophomore.

“The closet space is super nice and I can spread my stuff out without having to worry about being in the way of a roommate,” Anaya said.

Summer loving looks a little different for everyone based on how you are spending your summer with FGCU, whether it’s soaking up your time with extra classes and digging deep or accessing new opportunities you wouldn’t have had without it being the sunny season. I hope everyone is making the most of their 2022 summer at FGCU.