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iOS 8 includes much-needed features

On June 2 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple previewed their new iOS operating system, iOS 8. It’s a tease because even though they show you all these new features, iOS 8 isn’t available for download until sometime this fall (probably when the iPhone 6 comes out). But developers, like myself, have been able to preview iOS 8 and I’m here to give first impressions on what everyone will be enjoying this fall (unless you have a phone before the 4s or original iPad then you’re SOL).
Here are the three biggest improvements in iOS8.
When you first download and install iOS 8 the user interface (UI) is identical to its predecessor iOS 7. The lock screen, home screen and everything look the same. Apple didn’t do much changing in this department. The fonts and font sizes are the same, and the apps on the home screen aren’t much different in terms of size and how they look.
However Apple did some changes to the multitasking. Now when you double click your home button the last eight contacts you talked too are now shown on the top with the ability to quickly call, text, or FaceTime them.
This is perfect for people who need to quickly call or text someone back and not have to go into messages or through the phone to do it.
This is what Apple spent the most time on improving. The messages app has been bland throughout each update and now Apple has revved it up. The first thing they added was the ability to add voice to conversations. If there is something you need to explain and you don’t want to type it
all out, just hit the microphone and talk. They also improved video sharing. Just like the voice, all you do is hold down the camera and you can instantly send videos or an instant picture without opening the
camera app.
Now the biggest update in the history
of messages. You can now take control of group messages. In a group chat you don’t want to be in? Now you can leave. In a chat that sends way too many texts? Now you can mute it. Ever get confused on what group message is which? Now you can name them. This is a huge update that will be wildly popular.
When Apple first introduced multitasking it was mediocre compared to what Android was doing. They’ve slowly improved it over the years but now they finally got it right. You can now answer texts and mark messages as read without leaving your current app. You can even do it on the lock screen and in the notification center.
This is huge for Apple. They now have a product that can seriously compete with what Androids does. That was a big flaw in their operating systems and with their multitasking and now it’s much better.
There are a few things missing from iOS 8. The first is the control center, where you swipe up on the screen, should be customizable. Second is Siri needs to be integrated with third party apps. I use Spotify instead of music on my phone and it’s annoying that I can’t ask to play a song on Spotify and it won’t let me.
Apple made a huge splash when they announced iOS8. The operating system took a huge step forward and it will be exciting when everyone gets it this fall.

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