UPD Beat: Campus Preacher hits Student in Altercation

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

On Sept. 9, a female student made a report with UPD and stated she had a recording of a preacher on the campus hitting a male student with a sign. The male student tried to take the preacher’s sign which caused an altercation between the two. According to the report, the male student was hit with the sign during the altercation. Both the male student and the preacher left the incident. Neither the male student nor the preacher have filed a report with UPD at this time.

A male student reported to UPD that his vehicle was keyed on Sept. 10. According to the report, the male student told UPD he knew who keyed his car and wanted to report it. A UPD officer met with the possible suspect at Biscayne Hall and was issued a Notice to Appear (NTA) for criminal mischief.

On Sept. 13, a female student filed a report with UPD about a scam she was involved in. According to the report, an unknown individual from Polk County Sheriff’s Office advised the female student that she missed a court date and needed to send the unknown individual money to avoid going to jail. The female student said she forgot the passwords to her bank account and was unable to give them to the unknown individual upon request. The female student told UPD the unknown individual obtained admin rights to her phone and blocked the female student from accessing it. UPD advised the female student to contact her bank to report the fraudulent activity and her phone provider to regain access to her accounts.

A parking citation was issued to a male student Sept. 14 for using his deceased mother’s handicap permit. A UPD officer explained to the male student the laws of using the permit in Florida. The male student requested the UPD officer take the handicap permit and destroy it.

A report was filed with UPD Sept. 15 stating someone hit the front of his car, did damage and left the scene. According to the report, someone left a note saying they saw who hit the car and gave a description of the vehicle. A UPD officer found the vehicle in Garage 1 and made contact with the subject. The subject was issued a NTA for leaving the scene of a traffic accident with damage.