Tech it up a notch with longer lab hours

This summer, while students were working, interning and vacationing, the employees at Academic Event and Technology Services were updating, replacing, and preparing.
Thanks to newly allocated funds from Provost Ron Toll, AETS will be able to extend the hours of its two physical computer labs. The labs, located in Ben Hill Griffi n room 208 and Reed Hall room 256 will now be open between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. for student use.
For students concerned about buying expensive software — Final Cut Express 4, Finale 2012, Mathcad, Maple 16, Autocad 2012, the Adobe Suite and more — the physical labs in BHG and Reed provide updated software for free.
Both labs are manned by a trained monitor, who can answer any software questions students may have.
Can’t get to the physical labs? AETS also provides virtual labs with updated software which can be accessed by any student through a personal computer on or off campus.
These labs can be found online at:, through the “Virtual Labs” tab.
Other updates made by Director of AETS Patricia O’Connor-Benson and her team include the replacement of every computer in Academic Building 7, and podium upgrades to all of the podiums in the WGCU Broadcast Building and the Arts Complex.
The newest technology that AETS prepared over the summer is a new Lecture Capture program which will be piloted by three faculty members in classes this fall.
These three professors have agreed to capture their lectures via microphones and webcams.
“The faculty will provide students with a link to these videos, so they can see lectures they missed, or reinforce the lecture ideas before a test,” O’Connor-Benson said.
Lecture Capture software is “terribly expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars,” O’Connor-Benson said.“So our technicians have developed an in-house solution that will do almost everything the sophisticated technology can do.”
Whether students are viewing previous lectures from their dorm room or editing videos for a class in a computer lab, AETS programs and facilities are updated and ready for use.