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Bro, do you even etiquette? Proper procedure at the gym

Wipe everything down:
We’re in the middle of ebola season (too soon?), and while Florida might not have any cases, there are a lot of other diseases to worry about.
“If I’m going to use it right after you, if it’s all sweaty and disgusting, that’s gross,” said Karen Ambrose, a senior music education major.
You might not even think you’re sweating, but the invisible vapor your pores give off can condense onto the equipment, so even if you don’t feel it, the next person will.
One station at a time:
This isn’t Crossfit. You don’t get to do your circuit training, unless it’s super dead at the gym. Don’t take up multiple machines, benches or racks. Be aware, if anyone is standing around your station, they may be waiting for it. But really, if you feel you just have to do the high-intensity training, either talk with the powerlifting team (who are generally pretty cool when not “beasting” it up) or visit one of the fine “boxes” (the needless term that Crossfit uses for their gyms) near campus, Lawless and Training Box.
Don’t make a lot of noise:
This point is really threefold. First, while it’s a great motivator to work out with friends, and certainly acceptable to greet someone that you run into, no one wants to hear a loud conversation about that girl/guy you brought back to your dorm. Keep conversations short and at a reasonable volume. You’re there to work out, not chit-chat. In-depth discussions on form, nutrition and training are exempt from this. Next, don’t drop weights. If you can’t set it down normally, then you don’t control the weight, it controls you. Lastly, grunting. Look, sometimes you’ll make noise hitting that last rep, but if it’s every time you move your body, calm it down. “I saw a guy the other day slapping himself to get psyched for a workout,” said Chris Merritt, a senior majoring in marketing. “Just, why?”
Use equipment as intended:
Don’t be the person using the squat rack to do curls. Unless you’re repping 100-plus pounds, there’s no reason to be doing that. Again, if no one else is around, it’s technically fair game, but if anyone sees you, you’ll just look like a jerk.
Pay attention and clean up:
You’d really be amazed at how many people fail to see when someone else’s water bottle is saving their station, even when there are other spots open. By that same token, once you’ve finished up, take all of your stuff. I don’t care if you do have 11 more Zephyrhills bottles where that came from. It’s discourteous to the staff and your fellow gym-goers. And please, re-rack the weights where you got them. No one wants to get onto a bench and have to hunt down every weight plate they want to use. This also applies to the correct order of dumbbells, but everyone seems to be pretty good about that.
Do some research:
This one’s a big benefit for you as well. If you’re working out a given muscle group in a sub-optimal way, you’re preventing other people from using equipment and doing yourself a disservice. Ditto for doing redundant exercises. It’s just a waste of time. Visit, Reddit/fitness or something to at least gain a base knowledge before heading into the gym. Of course, if you don’t trust the Internet, there’s always the friendly and knowledgeable Campus Rec staff on site (especially if you can consult one of the personal trainers).

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