Big time QBs flustered in week two

Tennessee Titans quarterback: Jake Locker
After what many, including myself, thought was a surprise win for the Tennessee Titans last week, quarterback Jake Locker turned in a disappointing performance against probably the worst defense in the NFL right now. In the 26-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Locker only threw for 234 yards and one touchdown along with two interceptions. For a team that looked so good in week one, the complete 180 is a little unexpected, especially at home against a terrible defensive team. Locker is already looked at as a potential bust in the eyes of many and must step up his game next week as he and the Titans travel to Cincinnati to play a Bengals defense that is tough at home.
Minnesota Vikings quarterback: Matt Cassel
With all the issues the NFL is going through this week, the Vikings had their own issue when running back Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse. Regardless, there was still football to be played and I’m unsure if quarterback Matt Cassel got the memo. In their home debut against the New England Patriots, Cassel had, well, a Cassel day that we are used to seeing. Known for his turnovers, Cassel threw four interceptions against a Patriots defense that looked exposed last week against the Miami Dolphins. If Cassel continues to throw the way he does, look for the rookie backup Teddy Bridgewater to take over as the starter sooner rather than later. Cassel will most likely be put into a shootout this Sunday as the Vikings head to New Orleans to take on a Saints team who has looked good offensively, but weak defensively.
Atlanta Falcons quarterback: Matt Ryan
Even though he was facing a good defense in the Cincinnati Bengals, quarterback Matt Ryan had a subpar performance. After putting up career numbers against the Saints, Ryan didn’t remain consistent as he threw three interceptions and only one touchdown against the Bengals this past Sunday. With weapons such as wide receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White at his disposal, it is hard to imagine that Ryan was only able to complete about 55% of his passes. They say that if you are in the top five list of quarterbacks in the game, you are considered “elite.” Ryan is certainly on the verge of becoming that guy, but will have to limit the amount of outings like this. As any great quarterback should, Ryan will have to have short-term memory as he and the Falcons will have a short rest this week as they host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night in a divisional matchup.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback: Colin Kaepernick
Speaking of three interceptions, let’s talk about quarterback Colin Kaepernick. In the debut of the 49ers’ new stadium on Sunday Night against the Chicago Bears, Kaepernick threw three interceptions of his own, plus fumbling the ball as well accounting for a total of four turnovers on the night. Now when you think Chicago Bears, you used to think of defense. That hasn’t been the case though the past year and a half in Chicago and Kaepernick made them look better than they really are. Now I am not saying they are terrible, but a quarterback with the skill that Kaepernick has will look at this film and feel uneasy in his stomach after he sees all the mistakes he has made against a vulnerable defense. His turnovers helped the Bears erase a 17-point deficit to win the game 28-20. The performance was surprising after a great showing against the Cowboys in week one, where he picked apart that defense. The team will have to wait for that first home win in the new stadium as they head south to take on the Arizona Cardinals.