It’s time for Goodell to go

At the helm of every business should be an individual with values and morals that only bring success. The National Football League is not just a game where 11 guys try to push a ball passed a white line, it’s a business. At the helm for the NFL is Roger Goodell — at least for now.
Goodell has been the commissioner for the NFL since 2006 and has seen much criticism for his actions over the past few years. Most recently has been Goodell’s response to the multiple domestic violence charges to different players in the league.
One of the more recent charges has been towards Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice for throwing a punch at his fiancé in an elevator months ago. Goodell claimed he was not aware of what went on inside the elevator until the video of security surveillance during the incident was released by TMZ weeks following. This simply cannot be true.
Rice was suspended for a measly 2 games prior to the release of the video when Goodell changed the suspension to an indefinite amount of time. The NFL is a multi-million dollar corporation that would be crazy to have not received that video before the rest of the public.
A few years ago, Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints, was suspended for an entire season due to “bounty gate,” where the team was found putting bounties on opposing teams quarterbacks and running backs. Payton claimed he didn’t know this was occurring in his locker room causing Goodell to respond with the suspension and saying ignorance is no excuse. Not only is he not following his word, Goodell is lying about the fact that he knew of the Ray Rice video.
There are multiple reasons why Roger Goodell should resign as the commissioner of the National Football League. Just watch the draft every year and you will see Goodell booed by the fans every time he steps up to the podium. The man’s credibility is gone which makes it hard for fans of football to like him.
Goodell is out of second chances. There have been multiple incidents over his eight-year tenure thus far that have not panned out for him in the long run. Multiple cases have been reported this year alone involving domestic violence and other felony accounts with his athletes. If your athletes cannot follow the United States law, what makes you think they will follow the rules of the NFL?
Many other athletes not going through issues with the law have had a lot to say on this issue as well. Twitter has been a big platform for the players of the NFL to speak their mind on Roger Goodell and other issues occurring every year.
The league surrounds the players’ actions on the field. Their actions on the field, however, would not be possible without the actions they take off the field. Even though these men are playing football, it is their job and a happy worker is a successful one.
Don’t just take it from me, former New England Patriot Tedy Bruschi is one supporter of Goodell’s resignation. In a statement following the commissioners most recent conference, Bruschi said “In my personal opinion, being a former player that spent 13 years in this league trying to do the right thing, I want a new commissioner to go out there and say the right things and be that leader because right now Roger Goodell is not that and I don’t think he can ever be that.”