iOS 8 not up to standards, but I like it

Apple finally took a step in the right direction with iOS 8, but they also took a few steps back.
Apple’s much-anticipated iOS 8 was released a week ago and it’s been met with some very mixed reviews. From people having to delete apps or music (or the update itself deleting pictures) to the lengthy time it took people to download, it hasn’t been Apple’s most positive release.
Apple really dropped the ball on the release. A lot of people are displeased with iOS 8. According to Forbes magazine, as of Sept. 23, only 31.5 percent of users were running iOS 8, and that’s not good for Apple.
The size of the file is over 1 GB. For people who aren’t familiar with technology-storage, that’s a lot. In comparison, the first iPhone was a 4 GB phone.  They need to dramatically shrink the size of the file so that people, especially those who have 16gb phones, don’t have to delete everything to get the new update. Or what they could do is offer cheaper iCloud storage so people don’t lose their stuff.
Also one thing that has always bothered me is the fact that you can’t delete the apps that come with the phone.
You know the apps I’m talking about: notes, contacts, passbook, podcasts, etc. That’s a bunch of space that could be used for other things, but instead they are impossible to get rid of.
Despite the negativity, Apple’s sales are through the roof. They presold 10 million iPhones — that’s a record and it beat the 5s presale by 1 million phones. As flawed as the release went, people are still going to buy the iPhone.
Stores are selling out left and right, and a certain editor-in-chief has been contemplating buying one for a week now despite some of the negativity of iOS 8.