Dunn’s Doghouse: Week 4

Washington Redskins quarterback: Kirk Cousins
If quarterback Kirk Cousins was hoping to win the starting job when Robert Griffin III came back healthy, his recent performance against the New York Giants wasn’t the way he was going to earn it. After looking impressive the two weeks prior, Cousins turned in an abysmal showing on Thursday with a total of five turnovers that include four interceptions and a fumble as well as the Giants won 45-14. Going into the game, the Giants secondary looked vulnerable and the passing game for Washington looked red hot. Many thought Cousins could keep his starting job if he could continue to put up big numbers since he fits the mold of the pro-style quarterback, and I agree with them. He will have to turn it around quick and it won’t be an easy task this week as the Redskins host the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.
Buffalo Bills quarterback:  EJ Manuel
Not only does quarterback EJ Manuel find himself back in the Doghouse, but he also finds himself on the bench. On Monday, the Buffalo Bills announced that backup quarterback Kyle Orton will start this Sunday against the Detroit Lions on the road. Manuel had another below average performance against the Houston Texans this Sunday as he threw two touchdowns but also had two interceptions as well while racking up only 225 yards passing on 44 attempts and finished the game with a total QBR of 7.4. For many people, the question was never if, but when would Manuel be benched? Well, their answer came Monday. Obviously, not much to expect from Manuel this weekend, but if he for some reason finds himself in the game, he better make the most of his opportunity.
New England Patriots quarterback: Tom Brady
Now I don’t feel so comfortable writing about quarterback Tom Brady because we all know that he is a Hall-of-Fame quarterback, there is no doubt about that. But the New England Patriots offense has looked awful this season and on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs, they were shown why on national television. The reason I am unsure about having Brady in the Doghouse is the talent around him. Brady threw for only one touchdown and had two interceptions with a QBR of 11.6 against the Chiefs on Monday, un-Brady like numbers. But have you looked at the talent around him? His offensive line is a mess, his best receiver is Julian Edelman since Rob Gronkowski isn’t 100% healthy yet, and his defense has not lived up to expectations they had. The road for Brady getting another ring doesn’t get easier as they host a Cincinnati Bengals team on Sunday Night who could very well be the best team in the NFL.
Philadelphia Eagles running back: LeSean McCoy
This was a toss-up between McCoy and running back Arian Foster, but I will let Foster slide on this one since he was coming back from a hamstring injury against a Bills defense that have not allowed a rushing touchdown all season. For McCoy though, he shouldn’t get a free pass after all the talk he made during the offseason about being the best running back in the game, which is why he is back in the Doghouse. I get that you have to talk like you are the best, but you have to play like it. On Sunday, the McCoy managed only 17 yards on ten carries against the San Francisco 49ers. In a spread offense that was helped McCoy lead the league in rushing last year, McCoy’s best performance came in week two against the Indianapolis Colts where he had 79 yards rushing. McCoy has to step up his game and somehow find holes to run through and will have a chance this Sunday to get back into form as the Eagles host the St. Louis Rams who ranked 20th in the league against stopping the run.