Students will have input on programs

In front of a small gathering of faculty and family members, the accomplishments of 14 Lutgert College of Business students rang loudly throughout the room as they were inducted into the Lutgert College of Business student advisory council on Friday.
Students in the Lutgert College of Business now have the opportunity to make their voices heard in decisions made by the college through the Lutgert College of Business student advisory council.
The students work directly with Dean Robert Beatty and three faculty advisors from the Lutgert College of Business. The idea for the council was Beatty’s own and was implemented within three months of his being here.
“Florda Gulf Coast University and the Lutgert College of Business are committed to providing undergrads with a transformative and remarkable educational experience,” Beatty said.
“Although we have student senators who help represent our interest in the university community, I found that there wasn’t a way for students to provide feedback to the dean and to the faculty concerning all aspects of their educational experience. We need to provide that feedback loop to our students.”
There are 14 students on the council from the Lutgert College of Business. The students had to fill out an application, provide their resume, their current GPA and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member. Beatty and three faculty members reviewed each student’s material and chose the student representatives.
One of the students on the council, Kathleen Wong, applied for the position to represent the Professional Golf Management program.
“I know PGM just got inducted into the college of business in 2012, I think,” Wong said. “My professors were talking to me and they were like, ‘They are going to forget about us,’ and ‘We need somebody from PGM.’ I love the program and it has made my college experience so much more with the friends I have made. I want the opportunity to be able to support them and the rest of the students in the college of business.”
The council members will meet once every month to provide feedback on current programs and on new projects the college may be thinking of adding. They will serve as role models to the rest of the student body and participate in service learning opportunities in the community. They will also have the opportunity to partner with businesses in the community to help with their professional development.
The appointed members will serve until April and then the application process for new members will begin. Current members will have to re-apply and seniors will help Beatty and the advisors choose the new members.
“Our customers are the students,” said council faculty adviser Gina Tran. “We want to make sure we are serving them well and doing what they need to help them be successful.”
Students interested in being a part of the council can apply in the spring. For now, the 14 students on the board will serve as their representatives.