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Gay marriage (finally) in Florida

Finally, gays and lesbians have the right to eventually get divorced.
A long, long time in a retirement state not so far away, citizens got together and voted to ban gay marriage.  That was 2008.
In December, the Supreme Court ruled the ban unconsititutional and said yes to the dress(es). Marriages could begin Jan. 6.
A few days later, Lee County Clerk of Court Linda Doggett released a memo stating that Lee County would not issue same-sex marriage licenses because it was unclear to her if the court ruling applied to other counties other than Washington County, where one of the gay couples involved in the challenge to the ban lives.
Tuesday morning, Lee and Collier County Clerks began  (reluctantly) issuing same-sex marriage licenses across Southwest Florida. Couples lined up early to finally tie the knot and say their vows – and it actually matter to the state.
If you would’ve asked me last year if I thought I would see Florida legalize gay marriage before my graduation, I would have told you no. Then I remembered Florida includes South Beach and Key West. Regardless, I am still pleasantly surprised that this actually happened.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result every time. The rate at which couples file for divorce rises exponentially each year.
Surprisingly, there has been an increase in people leaving their unions with someone of the opposite sex for someone of the same sex.
It is an absolute shame that society has caused many people to feel the need to cover up and submit to a life they are not fully content with in order to receive the same luxuries that come along with a “normal” marriage.
Marriage is a sacred promise of a union between two people who love each other. Who are we to put a label on what is right when considering love?
These days finding someone who reciprocates genuine feelings with absolute no hidden agenda is rare.
When two people fall in love, we should not question it. We should not ridicule a person on whom they decide they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Instead we should celebrate the fact that two people have found each other on this earth and have decided to make a commitment to one another regardless of whether they are of the same sex or different.
Same sex marriage being approved in Florida has brought us as a whole one step closer to a better future for happy successful unions.

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