What about Foundation scholarships?

Each year community members donate to the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, which helps pay for scholarships, new buildings and educational advancement. These donors then select approximately 1,000 students a year to receive a Foundation scholarship.
“[Foundation Scholarships] encourage students along their brilliant educational journeys,” said Judith Cassidy, the senior director of advancement. “[They] support students who are in need of fi nancial assistance to realize their educational dreams.”
The average amount of each scholarship is $1,500. However, students may receive multiple scholarships if they meet the specifi c criteria of more than one. In the 2011-2012 school year, the Foundation raised $19.36 million. $1.15 million specifi cally went toward scholarships to 695 students, according to the Foundation’s annual report. First generation scholarships, for those who are the fi rst to attend college in their families ,helped an additional 347 students with a shared total of $323,970.
Junior Megan McDevitt, a Music Education and Management major, won the Hans and Erna Siebert Fund for Excellence in the fall of 2011.
“I was very excited because I’m getting fi nancial support from a direct individual who cares about the arts enough to award the scholarship,” said McDevitt.
In the 2011-2012 FGCU Foundation annual report, President Bradshaw commented on the importance of the Foundation’s endeavors.
“Florida Gulf Coast University has grown and matured so rapidly in large part because of the support the Southwest Florida community has brought to bear,” Bradshaw said. “This generosity makes it possible for more deserving students to obtain college educations and allows us to provide students with the caliber of programs and facilities they deserve.”
Students can apply for the Foundation Scholarship between November 15th and September 1st.