Seniors shouldn’t have to take finals


In just a few short days from now I will be walking across the Alico Arena stage as a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University.
I’m excited and I know everyone reading this is excited for me.
But want to know the best part of the next few days?
I only have one final.
(Cue everyone who was excited for me to now want to burn me at the stake.)
You’re probably asking, “Wow, Justin, how did you get so lucky?”
To be honest, I don’t really know but I am so grateful that my last few weeks in college won’t be spent slaving away in the library working on a 10-page paper. Before I brag too much I’m not saying that I have no like final assignments but it won’t be something that I will lose sleep over or have to go to Rusty’s every night to forget what happened.
But this should be the same for everyone graduating.
I have an idea for professors who have graduating seniors in their classes: Give them a break.
These kids have been working tirelessly for four, maybe five years to get that degree, and you want to end their college career with a 15-page paper on quantum physics? Now that’s not very nice.
Seniors should be rewarded for their hard work. They are the ones who are leaving this university and making a mark on the world.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there should be no finals ever for the seniors, but more assignments that they will enjoy.
I know this can’t be said for all majors, especially the ones who are very math-heavy, but it’s worth a shot for others.
I’m a communication major with a focus in public relations. My last two “finals” are projects based on what we learned this semester and how we apply it to the real world. It’s not a 50-question exam on the history of public relations research (thank God).
So professors from a graduating senior who loved his final year here, please consider this. Consider how happy you will see them near the end of the semester when they are smiling every day, not stressing about the next paper due or their final that is three days before graduation.
Don’t be that professor who makes a senior stress right before graduation. Be the one who makes them happy and lets them have the time of their life because they sure deserve it.
Congrats to all you graduating seniors. I’ll see you on May 3.