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Reactions to I’m Shmacked announcing their FGCU visit

[This article was updated at 3 p.m. on May 31, 2015]
Launched on October 1, 2013, I’m Shmacked calls itself “a new way to scout colleges.” Famous for its party videos,  I’m Shmacked‘s announcement of its visit to Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall has students buzzing. Reception is both good and bad.
News-Press recently referred to I’m Shmacked as a “popular but controversial college partying business accused of promoting binge drinking and rape culture and connected with mob-like crowds and large police responses.” On I’m Shmacked’s Facebook page, the company refers to itself as, “one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment platforms for young adults and teens”
Some are excited to see FGCU featuered by this nationally recognized media group, others fear it will damage the image of the university.
Dr. J Michael Rollo, the University vice president of student affairs, does not see this event as one that will impact the reputation of FGCU at all. “It’s not a very large school. The reputation of FGCU is really not based on stuff like that,” Rollo said. “There are always companies that want to make money off of students. In many ways they take advantage of students. I would be more concerned for the students who do foolish things on camera. You should be concerned about any video record that is kept of any of your behavior.”
When buying tickets to the fall event, participants are agreeing to be filmed during the event; however, Rollo recognizes his student’s age and freedoms.
“We don’t control how students spend their weekends. Students are adults and can make their choices on how they socialize,” he said.
While Rollo may be concerned for his students’ reputations, some students are not as worried.
“There is no such thing as bad publicity,” said Mark Green, a sophomore business finance major. “I feel it will put our name in the public’s eye and really get this institution recognized. I’m Shmacked coming to FGCU will be one of the best things to happen to this school. The event will be a great time. ‘I’m pumped’ is an understatement.”
Green is not alone; I’m Shmacked’s event is nearly sold out and has only been selling tickets for about a day. Overwhelming feedback on social media and the urgency of ticket sales proves that part of the student body is truly excited for the event.
Class of 2019, this year’s incoming freshman class, shares a Facebook page where students have been heavily discussing I’m Shamcked’s visit.
Haley Fox posted on the page: “Their brand and videos promote rape culture, sexism, abuse of drugs and alcohol and all their videos are exaggerated in the first place, the parties are just normal college parties. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the necessity to have a party filmed and edited and posted all over social media just to be named the ‘No. 1 party school.’ There are repercussions of an event like this that could affect you in time and if you don’t believe me you can look it up, or if you don’t agree that’s on you, but everyone be safe.”
News-Press recently reported that FGCU “has no interest in hosting the business.” Director of Campus Recreation, Amy Swingle tweeted, “Let me set record straight: this #ImShmacked party will NOT be held at the true #FGCU beach which is the @FGCU_Waterfront@FGCUCampusRec
I’m Shmacked’s visit is scheduled during the fall 2015 FGCU Week of Welcome.
So, FGCU, what do you think of the event? Check out some of our student’s reactions, or let us know how you feel in the comments below.
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  • B

    Becca SchultzMay 28, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    It’s disappointing when your alma mater has turned into something like this. I used to be proud to be a FGCU student (and now alumni). Now? I’m incredibly disappointed in the direction the school is going. If I could redo it, I likely would not have gone to FGCU.