Jeb makes strong presence in campaign for presidency

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, has announced he is running in the upcoming presidential election. He made his very special announcement on June 15 at the Kendall campus of Miami Dade College. Before this, Jeb released several videos outlining his beliefs. His first video, “Making a Difference,” was released recently.
In the video, Jeb has constituents tell their heartfelt stories about their personal struggles. We hear from Denisha Merriweather of Jacksonville, Florida. Most of her family, she says, dropped out of school, and she failed twice. We meet Miguel Manrara of Miramar, who says his first job was picking up garbage just to feed his family. Perhaps most touching is when we meet Lucy and Berthy De la Rosa-Aponte. Lucy has autism, and she doesn’t speak or walk. But, she still has a lot to say. Just like anyone else, Lucy wants freedom.
We then hear from Kim Donatelle from Sarasota, who talks about the fact that one in four women has violence committed against them by somebody that claims to love them. She says domestic violence isn’t a small problem and reminds us that domestic violence is an epidemic.

Bush waves to the crowd after announcing his candidacy for president in 2016.

Bush says so many things could be better for people if we fixed a few things. He says his core belief is that “the most vulnerable in our society should be in the front of the line, not the back.”
Merriweather talks about how Bush brought the voucher system to Florida, greatly improving the education system in the state. Voucher systems gave kids from low-income areas an opportunity to go to a private school or to get a better education. Because of this voucher system, Merriweather was the first in her family to graduate from high school. Then after that, Merriweather went on to graduate from college.
Manrara has become an account manager. He says it’s because Bush allowed companies such as Goya Foods to prosper in Florida. Donatelle says that women would not be where they are in Florida in respect to domestic violence if Bush had not been governor. Bush stands behind the victims of domestic violence and has changed lives for those in Florida.
Berthy De la Rosa-Aponte says that Bush really cares about disabled people and that people today are getting services because of what Bush did as governor. Berthy says Bush doesn’t do it for himself. Bush is a true public servant. Footage of Bush interacting and comforting disabled constituents is perhaps the most poignant and moving thing I’ve ever seen. Berthy ends saying that Bush is the voice that we need, and I can’t argue with her.
In a refreshing perspective on leadership, he says we need to start actually fixing things instead of just “yapping about them.” Bush says he took action in Florida, and that’s what we need inWashington. Bush wants to grow the economy and fix the higher education system in the United States, and he says that we can do it with new leadership. Bush says that America’s best days are in front of us, and that we are going to lead the world.
This video, of course, launched just a day before Jeb’s special announcement in Miami. Bush is running on a record of accomplishment and getting things done. Bush is proud of what he accomplished in Florida and proud that he could make a difference. He eliminated waste and balanced the budget. He reformed schools and grew the economy of Florida. Bush says he’s a reformer who gets results, and that is what we really need in Washington today. Bush is tired of politicians who see only problems and no solutions. Bush sees a great country on the verge of its greatest century. He thinks he’s ready to lead — and once again, I can’t disagree.