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Kane’s Korner: Why I Love Fantasy Football

Did you miss me?
I know it was weird last week not-seeing a Kane’s Korner and I’m sorry. But I’m back now and I won’t leave you empty handed anymore.
Speaking of empty-handed, does anyone have a love/hate relationship with fantasy football like I do?
I like to think of it this way. Fantasy football is like my wife. When I first got married I was happy and really excited for the future. But now it’s week seven and I’m starting to get frustrated. My wife that I had at the beginning of the marriage isn’t there anymore. I have to make drastic changes and making agreements I’m not happy about and I don’t feel the same anymore. But it can change in an instant. I could get rid of my wife and move on to another, but I stick with her because I’m dedicated.
That’s fantasy football. You want to trade away your “wife” by week seven but you don’t. You just make some changes and stick with it for better or for worse.
Some days I hate fantasy football. I hate that I have to constantly look over lineups and make changes. I hate that I have to count on grown men whom I’ve never met to do well in their respective games so that I can attempt to beat my friends and taunt them. I hate the fact that week after week I want to keep playing even when I’m not doing well. I hate rooting against my beloved Buccaneers just so I can score some points and win. I hate the fact that I paid money to play this game.
But dammit, some days do I love it. I love constantly checking lineups and stealing players from my friends on the waiver wire. I love the fact that fantasy football gives me a reason to watch more than just one game. I love when I win. I love the fact that when this season is over I can be $250 richer. I love getting invested into games that have no relevance to me. I love cheering for kickers. I love when it all comes down to the Monday night game. I love fantasy football.
Hell, there’s even a TV show for fantasy football called “The League.”
Fantasy football gets addicting. I’m not very good at the game, but every week I don’t want to quit. Each offseason I can’t wait for the next one.
But it’s a curse. It ruins fanhood and friendships. I’m 1-5 right now in my good league; I have five teams spanned across three platforms, and I’m still optimistic. I have to cheer against my favorite team because I want to win.
But like I was saying earlier, it’s also a blessing. Fantasy football can bring friendships closer. You can build better bonds by making secret alliances and trades. You can actually win a lot of money.
And the NFL loves it.
Fantasy generates millions of teams over multiple websites. People watch every game now because of fantasy football. They learn about players they knew about before. People find hidden gems that they would’ve never known about if they didn’t play fantasy.
And it keeps people coming back for more. I’m a perfect example. I went 1-12 last year and I was the first to sign up this year. The thrill of possibly winning each week keeps me hungry and wanting more.

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  • D

    David AlpertOct 20, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    Kane’s Corner this week is great.