School rezoning in N.Y. pits families against diversity

The United States has a particular penchant for staying true to the white-power roots that split the country down the center.
As time moves on and more and more progressive thinkers from the millennial generation chime in to current events, it’s consistently harder for backward-thinking populations and media to hide behind hypocrisy and supremacy.
In a collection of new condos in the waterfront area of New York City called DUMBO, there’s a conflict between parents and the city. An overcrowding of local schools has led the city to redraw school zones, sending kids who originally attended predominantly white schools into schools with 90 percent black and Hispanic students. Parents from both sides of the spectrum are showing concern.
Katherine Phillips is a professor at Columbia Business School who studies the benefits of diversity. She told NPR in an interview about some varied results of studies done at the university.
“The benefits aren’t automatic,” Phillips said. “If you put people in diverse environments they can go really badly or really well. A lot of it is a function of things like how much you respect the people in the room.”

There’s a wide misunderstanding that if white kids are transferred to a majority-minority school, they’ll be sacrificing a certain advantage to their education and diminishing their *progressive ideals.*
However, isn’t it exactly the opposite of progressive to be thinking this way? If the parents were more progressive, they would want their children learning in new environments where they can learn academic and life lessons through the scope of a majority-minority school.
Prejudice comes from segregation; if parents separate their children from others simply based on bias and class, that’s all the children will know. They’ll grow up feeling distinguished from a lower class, but in reality, they’re contributing to the widespread societal prejudice.
Many parents also think that if school zones are redrawn, their children will learn less than if they went to a predominantly white school. The federal government recently released a report that said, when it comes to test scores, white students don’t deviate in test results when attending a predominantly minority environment.
Diversity is a helpful tool for overcoming adversity. When we segregate our children based solely on race and class, it hurts the whole community and inhibits our ability to overcome age-old prejudice.