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University paper should not support casual sex

By Mrs. Linda Anderson-Davis Eagle mom
Hi, my name is Mrs. Linda Davis. I was so excited to have my daughter home for the Labor Day weekend. She brought with her a copy of the Eagle News newspaper. I was extremely interested as I browsed through the permissive pages until I stopped on the article “Sexy Time: Friends with benefits can be a stepping stone or just a liberating experience.”
I was in disbelief after I read the title, and as I continued reading, I became indignant. We allowed our daughter to choose Florida Gulf Coast University over University of Central Florida, University of Florida and Florida International University, and she loves being an Eagle. We as parents and other parents alike, yet, instill in our children to have a healthy fear of God and to refrain from sex until they are married.
Parents with morals and values send their children off to college expecting nothing less than obtaining an education and leaving their mark at their alma mater. It’s hard enough for an adult, let alone a young adult who has a Christ-centered life, to stand strong in a world that’s full of self indulgence and evil.
Peer pressure is extremely tough to those that are trying to stay on the straight and narrow, so if you can imagine when peer pressure is supported by the University’s newspaper. I do realize this casual sex article is under the “opinion” section of Eagle News; however, is it OK for drugs and alcohol use to be in the paper as well? Hypothetically, stating as long as drugs and alcohol are done without driving then “go for it,” does not make it OK.
There is nothing positive about writing an article about the so-called pros of casual sex and posting it in a college newspaper, opinion or not. We must be role models to our younger generation and not be passive. I understand there are different beliefs in regards to religion, yet morals and values are a standard. This article has given my husband and me great disappointment. Furthermore, thousands of dollars are paid by parents for their children to attend college – for tuition, meal plans and especially the dorms. Parents who believe as we do definitely are not paying for the dorms to be used as hotel rooms.
These students are young adults. They are not grown. It is truly sad for me to read a young woman express such an opinion, instead of holding up the flag of self worth. There are many other options Ms. Ashley Scott could have focused on besides casual sex in regards to balancing academics and social lives, such as getting involved with sports, student government and other productive organizations on campus.
Obviously, this is Ms. Scott’s opinion; however, this opinion is one that should have been left hidden in her heart or mind. This article should have been left out of the University’s newspaper, for it is insulting, unpleasant, causes confusion and is extremely uncalled for. We wonder why today’s generation is so loose, irresponsible, rude, disrespectful to authority and holds no accountability; I believe it is due to role models lacking in their role. If we want to see a change in our younger generation, we as older adults must stand firm and uplift the very same morals and values from times of old. I pray this letter of concern will be considered attentively to those responsible and give pause prior to future publications.
God bless you and have a great week.

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