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Mike Rowe’s scholarship brings hard work to a generation that needs it

November 6, 2013

We all know Mike Rowe. He’s the guy who does the Ford commercials and was the host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” He recently stepped into the national education debate after starting a scholarship...

Don’t touch the name Washington Redskins

October 24, 2013

Atlanta Braves. Florida State Seminoles. Kansas City Chiefs. Cleveland Indians. Golden State Warriors. These sports mascots have been the center of controversy in the past few weeks, but no more than the...

Job or not, embrace your college career

October 16, 2013

Last summer the Socratic Segment wrote about some of the challenges and the benefits to being a working student. In part one I told you my own working history and how having a job while in college is highly...

Government shutdown a good fat-cutting start

October 13, 2013

What does it mean for our government to shut down, and how does it affect you? Earlier this month the government partially shut down because Congress and the Senate couldn’t agree on a continuing resolution...

Deep brain stimulation opens medical frontiers

October 11, 2013

Deep brain stimulation is a medical procedure that allows doctors to pinpoint areas of the brain that may be causing neurological disorders. Neurosurgeons implant a rod in the patient’s brain that delivers...

Stay out of Syria

September 13, 2013

We all know that America’s military is the most powerful on the planet. Does this give us either a responsibility or a right to act as the policemen of the world? One year ago, President Obama said,...

Even in 2013 racial issues, tension still permeate American society

September 4, 2013

Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, there is still racial discrimination in our society. How do we move forward in an America that has a history such as this? The death of Trayvon Martin...

Semester in review: Dunk City, ethics, gay marriage

Semester in review: Dunk City, ethics, gay marriage

August 7, 2013

As the 2012-13 school year comes to a close, it is reasonable to say that it was FGCU’s most important yet. Why was this semester so special? Throughout these months, the Socratic Segment has opined...

FGCUs Sherwood Brown celebrates with teammates after their 81-71 win over San Diego State in a third-round game in the NCAA college basketball tournament, Sunday, March 24, 2013, in Philadelphia. Florida Gulf Coast became the first No. 15 seed to make the Sweet 16. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Dunk City will forever change FGCU’s history

March 26, 2013

First, FGCU made its national debut at the NCAA tournament.  Then, our men were only the seventh 15-seed to ever win the first round.  And then, the lowest-seeded team to ever make it to the Sweet 16. How...

Socratic Segment: Profanity should be used responsibly

February 27, 2013

How does profanity on TV and in music affect those who hear it? “You wanna go down why not, I’ll be like Herbie and hand you a cock, and tell you that my name is AK. Get on your knees, make like the...

Socratic Segment: Nuclear non-proliferation a tricky, complex issue

Socratic Segment: Nuclear non-proliferation a tricky, complex issue

February 20, 2013

The Socratic Segment question of the week: Who has the right to nuclear weapons? In 1968, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was opened to nations wanting to join the cause of nuclear...

Attacking US citizens a breach of judicial process

February 13, 2013

By James Barrett Staff writer Question of the week: Should our government kill American terrorists intending to target the United States? In the past week, NBC obtained a memo from the Justice Department...

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