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FGCU opens Communication Lab

Midterms are over, but we all know things tend to get worse before they get better. Finals are around the corner, and if that wasn’t enough to overwhelm you, all of your final outlines, essays and speeches are due as well. This...

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Stop hunger now

Almost 870 million people will go to sleep hungry tonight – 200 million of those are children. According to the Stop Hunger Now website, at least one in every nine people on the planet go to bed starving. Hunger kills more...

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Confidence comes from within, not online

Shouldn’t self-confidence come from within? It should be an inner spark you have that shines so bright that no one  can diminish it. Instead, confidence seems to come more and more from the amount of likes on their most recent...

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Are we really safe?

For most college students, the campus they choose is their new home for the next four years, possibly even longer. Is it really “home” though? When you say the word “home” a sense of security and safety, hopefully, comes to...

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