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Full Pulp Ep. 8 – Immokolee Road Band

Full Pulp Ep. 8 – Immokolee Road Band


Although Luke is no longer a host for Full Pulp, we hope to keep the show alive and well! For this week’s episode, the Eagle Radio Promotions Manager Tatyana, interviews three FGCU professors that formed the Immokalee Road Band.

About the Author:

Tatyana Turner is a graduating senior majoring in Communication at FGCU. This was her first Full Pulp interview and she is excited to pursue a career as a Public Relations specialist. Outside of classes, Tatyana manages her own Youtube channel HopeChronicles that consists of video games, makeup and comedy videos. Viewers are intrigued by her unrefined and spontaneous personality. You can follow her on Youtube and Instagram at HopeChronicles.

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