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South Village’s opens its New Recreation Center

FGCU hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the new Recreation Center at South Village.

Producer: Samantha Romero

Reporter: Ryan Morgen

Videographer: Samantha Romero

Editor: Samantha Romero

Tech: Sara Mankowitz and Jakob Bautista


Morgen: Good morning eagles my name is Ryan Morgen and we are here at the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the FGCU recreation and wellness center.

Ballin: So, as our student population was growing, there was a need to grow a bigger campus rec facility. Its brand new, state of the art equipment. The rec center is the new hub on campus. It’s a hub space dedicated to students.

Roepstorff: It took 6 years but there was a lot of good people that were behind me. I guess I was probably the voice of just talking to everybody for this wonderful, beautiful facility. And this is only phase one.

Morgen: The new recreation facility is 45,000 square feet with brand-new matrix fitness equipment leaving little to be desired.

Ballin: So now we have two basketball courts that are indoors as well as volleyball courts. They have a new cardio deck and cardio machines so more students can do that. The weight room is bigger with more machines and more weights.

Buck: So usually I go to the hit class and interval training and we also do yoga and ab attack.

Morgen: The university recreation center has only been open for a few weeks, but university benefactors are already eager to double down on their 15-million-dollar investment.

Roepstorff: We just got to get to working on phase two. We will celebrate today and maybe celebrate through the weekend but come Monday, and we need to start working hard on finding the funds to have phase two and put the shovel in the ground.

Morgen: This has been Ryan Morgen, from ENTV, signing off.

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