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Big Sean and Natalie La Rose pack Germain Arena for Eaglepalooza

If you were to ask anyone who attended Eaglepalooza this year to describe the night, they would probably paint you the picture of an amazing night, filled with great music and a packed arena that was pulsating with energy. If you were to ask one of the performers, Natalie La Rose, to describe the night, she would only have to use one word, “magical.”

Originally from Amsterdam, artist Natalie La Rose took a break from preparing for her upcoming tour in Europe and drove up from Miami to perform at Eaglepalooza. La Rose performed and sang along with the crowd to some of her most popular songs such as “Somebody,” and “Around the World.” She even took a moment to teach Azul, FGCU’s mascot, a dance on stage along with her backup dancers.

Big Sean performs at FGCU Programming Board's 2015 Eaglepalooza at Germain Arena on Nov. 12, 2015. (EN Photo / Tessa Mortensen)
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“The energy was incredible in the arena. I didn’t want to stop,” La Rose said.

After La Rose’s energetic performance, headliner Big Sean took the stage and kept the high energy going. He performed a lot of favorites such as “Blessings,” “Clique” and “Open Wide.” However, in the middle of his set the artist slowed things down and took a moment to open up about an important person in his life who passed away this past year. 

Big Sean

Big Sean performs Thursday night at Eaglepalooza. (EN Photo/ Tessa Mortensen)

“I would like to dedicate my song, “One Man Can Change The World,” to my grandma,” Big Sean said. “She worked hard for us growing up; there was always a home cooked meal when I came home, and she inspired me to work hard. She was one of the first African American captains in the army. If anyone could change the world it was her.”

After a sentimental moment with his fans, Big Sean went back to his upbeat and energetic performance that included a laser light show, smoke and a high definition backdrop that changed along with the music. He ended the night performing “I Don’t F*** With You,” with the rest of the crowd singing along as loud as they could.

Fans lined up hours before the concert in front of Germain Arena in anticipation of getting the perfect place to stand during the concert. However, no matter where you sat or stood in the arena you were able to see and hear the talented performances while experiencing the incredible energy at the concert that was truly “magical.”

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