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Black Magic releases third Dunk City music video: Swat Team

YouTube channel FGCUDunkCity released the third part of its FGCU Dunk City video series March 14.

The video titled “Swat Team Edition” features the men’s basketball team’s blocking skills, more pop references than you can count on one hand and a slightly older-than-usual student section.

Malike Adigun — known by the stage name Black Magic — opens the video with a voice over, “Damn, Black Magic. Back at it again with the Dunk City.”

Shots of the newly proclaimed Dunk City 2.0 team flash between a lyrically revamped “Jumpman” by Drake backtrack. Adigun is seen throughout the video swatting multiple items out of unsuspecting civilians’ hands and dabbing with Azul the Eagle while wearing a Swat Man Dunk City t-shirt.

A highlight role of the basketball team and aerial shots of Alico Arena accompanied the Swat Team rap, showcasing some of the best plays of the year along with the FGCU cheerleader’s game day routines.

Previous videos from the FGCUDunkCity group include “Eagles Throwin’ Alleys” and “FGCU Dunk City” feat. Bambi.

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    How can I get one of those swat city shirts?

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