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Disney releases first look at the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’

After much anticipation, the first trailer for Disney’s live action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” was released on Monday, May 23.

Emma Watson, who will be playing Belle in the film, first shared the short glimpse of the film on her Facebook page. As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, the trailer already has 47 million views.

The trailer begins with the always-recognizable Disney intro. But, this time, it isn’t Cinderella’s castle that Tinker Bell is flying over; it the Beast’s castle.

For the first 45 seconds of the trailer, viewers are taken throughout several rooms in the castle, the ballroom being first. Beautiful chandeliers line the walls with a grand piano in the center. The balcony and library are also briefly shown.

The tour of the castle ends with a picture of the Beast as a young boy being slashed by a claw. Although the Beast, being played by Dan Stevens, is not shown, it is quite obvious he is the one who made the mark.

Lumiere and Cogsworth, who will be voiced by Ewan McGregor and Josh Gad, also make a short voice appearance in the trailer. As the door to the castle opens, they are talking about the girl who opened it, which we all know is Belle.

The final scene of the trailer is where we finally see one of the characters. And, of course, who better to show than the main character, Belle. Watson is shown reaching for the iconic red rose, just as the shot fades to black, and sadly, the trailer comes to an end.

“Beauty and the Beast” is set to be released on March 17, 2017. Although Disney lovers will have to wait 10 months to see the film, if this short glimpse of the set and the characters are any indication of the quality of the movie, this film won’t be anything short of spectacular.

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