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Dunk Tipsy: Ultimate drinking game for FGCU March Madness

No. 16 FGCU will face No. 1 UNC at 7:20 p.m. this evening in the round of 64. Nothing goes better with March Madness than alcohol. Here’s your guide to cheer on Dunk City while playing a game of your own.

1. If FGCU is spelt wrong in anyway, take a shot

2. Every time the announcers try to say Filip Cvjeticanin’s name, take a sip

3. Every time FGCU misses a free throw, take a sip

4. If the announcers talk about FGCU’s run in 2013, take a sip (i.e. Cinderella story, ESPY, etc.)

5. Every time FGCU dunks, take a shot

6. If Obama’s bracket is mentioned, take a sip

7. Every time Zach Johnson blocks, take a sip

7. Every time they focus on Joe Dooley, screaming, sweating or stomping, take a sip for eachvone

8. If people in the crowd do their “wings up” hand sign, take a sip

9. If FGCU’s “FGCU Effect” commercial comes on, drink until it’s over

10. When FGCU wins, take three shots and buy shots for everyone you’re with

Play responsibly.

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