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Make the most of your extra day during Leap Year 2016

Every four years, we are bestowed the gift of an extra 24 hours in the month of February We open the homepage of Google and see cleverly created visuals for what we have named “Leap Year” and “Leap Day.”

People born on Leap Day can only celebrate their birthdays every four years.

As we’ve learned in elementary school, it takes 365 Earth days for our world to travel around the sun and more accurately, 365.2422 days.

Leap seconds are added up over the course of this orbit to keep our Gregorian calendars on the same schedule as the Earth, which results in a Leap Year every four orbits.

But, what is there to do with a whole extra day?

Propose to that special someone of course. Dating back to the 5th Century, women proposing to men on Leap Year meant a guaranteed “yes.”

St. Bridget, an Irish nun, complained to St. Patrick that women waited too long to propose to men, in which St. Patrick responded with the solution of Leap Year proposals.

Just think “The Proposal,” because nothing is sexier than women asking men for their hand in marriage … without a choice.

Maybe shopping is more your Leap Day pastime, and nothing says bargain shopping more than Leap Day sales.

Barnes and Noble currently has a Leap Day special running online for 20 percent off of one item with the code BNLEAP20, with free shipping and handling on orders over $25.

Travelers can book a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines during their Leap Year Sale with savings up to $200 cash back per stateroom on a 7-16 day cruise.

Pizza Hut will be giving a free personal pan pizza to those who present a valid ID that they were born on Leap Day, reported from Huffington Post.

Urban Outfitters is offering a one-day Leap Year sale with items $29 or less online and in stores.

Eagle Dining is offering Leap Day Deals for those who don’t want to travel too far. At Starbucks, students can add an espresso shot to any drink for 29 cents, Jamba Juice will add a boost to any drink for 29 cents, Taco Bell is offering four tacos for $2.99 and Einstein’s Bros. is offering a 29 cent drip coffee or fountain drink with a sandwich purchase.

With a grand total of 366 days in 2016, celebrate your extra 24 hours by making the most of this Leap Year.

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Allie Taylor

Allie Taylor is a rising senior in the journalism program, and has dedicated most of her life to writing (whether scooping stories on campus, or practicing her creative fiction). She can recite the entirety of Bo Burnham’s “What?” and loves marathons… of Netflix, of course. When Taylor is not in the newsroom, you can find her rehearsing with the cast and crew of S(He) Will Fade, drinking her weight in coffee at Starbucks or burrito-ing herself in a blanket in her dorm room.

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