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Moms gone wild in ‘Bad Moms’

The pressures of being the perfect mom are everywhere — from the magazines we read to the shows we watch and even the friends we spend time with. The competition of being No. 1 is enough to drive some mothers to insanity.

Enter “Bad Moms,” from the writers of “The Hangover.”

Amy (Mila Kunis) has the epitome of a perfect life: a great husband, wonderful kids and a snapshot home and job. However, perfection comes with the price of feeling overworked, overcommitted and overly stressed out.

After what the trailer shows as a night of hitting rock bottom, Amy teams up with two other equally-as-finished moms (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) to free themselves from the exhaustive job of being fulltime mothers.

The three go on a rampage of newly found freedom, including Amy taking the family hotrod for a joyride, bringing store-bought donut holes to the exclusively no soy, no BHT, no MSG, gluten free, no wheat school bake sale and having a full-blown house party (complete with PG-13 mom-on-mom action).

While pursuing their search for liberation, they find themselves on a path to war with the PTA head Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) and her faithful posse of cookie-cutter moms.

Kunis, Bell and Hahn are all moms in real life, adding to the comedic value of “Bad Moms.” Kunis has one daughter (Wyatt), Bell has two (Lincoln and Delta) and Hahn has one daughter and a son (Mae and Leonard).

“Bad Moms” hits theaters July 29. Fellow moms can share their worst #BadMomMoment to any “Bad Moms” social media for a chance to attend the movie’s world premiere.

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