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Night Flight Headliner R. City performs for FGCU Homecoming Week

Night Flight Headliner R. City performs for FGCU Homecoming Week
(EN Photo / Kim Smith)

FGCU’s Homecoming week continued on with Flight Night, a concert on the Library Lawn hosted by Programming Board.

Before R.City took the stage, guest DJ Jonathan Delia mixed songs on the Veterans Pavilion as a small crowd congregated in front of the steel gates. The St. Thomas native brothers started their show with reworks of famous songs, adding a Caribbean twist to the familiar tunes.

“I want to thank the three people that came out to the concert tonight,” one of the brothers said, making light of the audience of roughly 100 people. R. City kept their humor and happy-go-lucky attitude throughout the entire show, sharing personal stories with the crowd and interacting with the front row.

The duo’s name, “Rock City,” came from the Virgin Island’s nickname. The brothers would talk to the crowd during transitions from song to song, sharing with them the “Rock City Workout Plan” and educating the audience on the Caribbean term “fete,” used in their popular song “Fete You.”

The brother’s played the pop hit “Locked Away” featuring Adam Levine after sharing the inspiration for the tune. The duo’s parents have been together for 39 years. When the brothers were toddlers, their father went to jail for five years. Their mother would take them to see their father and many years later the song was created

R. City played various songs the duo has worked on for major artists, like Iyaz’s “Replay,” Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Stop,” and Sean Kingston’s “Take You There.”

The duo shared a story about how they wrote “Man Down” for Rihanna, and initially the song “didn’t make sense.”

A general theme of the stories throughout the end of the show was how R. City made hit after hit, despite critics telling them that their songs wouldn’t appeal to listeners.

Overlooking the small crowd at the concert, R. City made the best of their audience and worked the stage to its fullest potential. They exited the stage with what seemed to be their last song, about an hour and a half before the concert was set to be over.

The audience chanted “one more,” and R. City came out one more time for a final set of songs, hyping the crowd all over again with their Caribbean influences and fast-paced, carnival-style beats. They then left for the final time, pushing their social media and thanking the audience.

(EN Photos / Kim Smith)

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