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Oculus reigns as top VR brand

Virtual reality is inching its way into our homes in the very near future. In a study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, Americans know what the technology is and are able to name Oculus more than any other associated brand.

Gamasutra reports the online study concluded at least 56 percent of the 2400 surveyed have heard of VR. Of that group, 47 percent mentioned they have interest in VR as well. But, only 25 percent were aware of any kind of brand or product.

Of those familiar, 25 percent were able to name the Oculus Rift, 21 percent named the Samsung Gear VR and 20 percent named the PlayStation VR.

And, popular Oculus will stay, as the Rift headset was just released today for preorder. The PC exclusive device can be ordered on Oculus’ official web store for $599. “Oculus Ready” PCs will go up for ordering in February for $1500. Both the headset and PC bundles will ship out on March 28, while select retailers will see the technology in April.

All preorder bundles of the headset will include the Rift VR headset with built-in microphone and headphones, a sensor, the Oculus Remote and an Xbox One controller. Additionally, the titles “Lucky’s Tale” and “EVE: Valkyrie” will be included.

All those who preorder now will also have a spot to preorder the Oculus Touch controller, which has been delayed, when it is launched later this year.

For more information and to see if your PC is ready to support the Oculus Rift, check out the official Oculus blog post.

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