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PS4 to get officially licensed media remote

PlayStation has done some rather legendary things with media integration with its consoles over the years. The PS2 system brought a new way to play games and watch DVDs, being one of the first dedicated gaming systems to do so, while the PS3 went further on that idea and implemented Blu-ray. Both generations revolutionized the at-home media experience, and both games were fully equipped with remotes. But, PS4 hasn’t quite done that yet. Fear no longer, the PS4 is finally getting its own media remote.

While this seems completely futile, the struggle becomes incredibly real when both a remote and controller must be used in order to enjoy media experiences on dedicated gaming consoles. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go — all of these are streaming staples on these systems, faced with the problem of futility. Why use both a remote and a controller when you can have both in one neat package?

The new remote

PS4 will have it’s on media remote beginning on Oct. 15

All your woes will be solved this October with the release of the officially licensed PS4 media remote. And the best part, it’s universal with the ability to connect to up to three devices. So not only does this remote act as a dual shock controller while using media applications, it can control your TV, receivers and more. Additional information from GameSpot says that the remote requires two AAA batteries; battery life is pegged at a minimum of six months under normal use.

The official remote will launch later this fall on Oct. 15. The remote will retail for $30 and can be pre-ordered from both GameStop and Amazon under “PS4 Universal Media Remote.”

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