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Review: Walking Dead Season 5 premiere

[WARNING: SPOILERS]Last night I had high hopes for the return of “The Walking Dead,” but was unsure if I would be let down again. I wasn’t.

OK, so I’ll admit it … I crawled through the last season. Everyone was just so angsty — I mean yeah it’s the apocalypse and everyone you know and love is probably dead, but cheer up!

Opening the fifth season with an explosive (literally) first episode was detrimental to keeping my interest.

Twenty-four hours later, I’m still thinking about it.

First off, Carol is quite possibly my new favorite character — well behind Glenn and Daryl of course.

The evolution of Carol, who was once the feeblest character on the show, is probably my favorite in the history of television shows. Carol goes from being a helpless victim of the apocalypse and domestic violence, to the hero that single-handedly saves the entire group.

I mean, come on. Could season one Carol cover herself in walker guts, much less take down an entire cannibal compound? No sir.

As for the level of badassery in the 60 minutes of walker-smashing fun —the limit does not exist.

This episode basically made me feel every emotion I had, from my blood pressure increasing while all our favorite characters awaited their fate from the butchers at the trough, to a firey walker attack,to all the feels at the character’s reunions.

Fun fact: Last night’s episode cracked 17.3 million viewers, which was the highest rated episode in the show’s history and even beat out Sunday night football ratings.

With the group back together and Carol — possibly — stepping up as a major leader, I think this is going to be the best season the show has had.

With that said, is it Sunday yet?


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