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Roll into your friendly local pumpkin patches

Fall is notorious for carving pumpkins, so be sure to get your fix in before all the patches are gone! For last minute pumpkin carving, there are several pumpkin patches throughout the Estero and Fort Myers community within minute’s distance from FGCU.


1. Cost Worthy

For cost effectiveness, I recommend you visit the Estero United Methodist Church’s pumpkin patch to purchase your Jack O’ Lantern.  While they don’t have the highest quality of pumpkins, their prices work for those on a budget. They charge anywhere from 25 cense for a mini pumpkin to 15 dollars for extra large pumpkin. Your average size pumpkin will run you about 6 dollars. They also assembled a pyramid of haystacks adorned with pumpkins to make for a festive fall backdrop for any picture. October 30 will be their last day, so be sure to visit before their season ends.

Address: 8088 Lords Way Street, Estero, FL 33928


2. Proximity

Gulf Coast Town Center’s fall harvest festival located two miles from FGCU, which makes it the most accessible pumpkin patch for those living on campus. With a wide variety to choose from, I recommend going here if you’re picky about having the perfect canvas for carving your pumpkin. The standard price is 10 dollars for a regular size pumpkin. They also have a fall backdrop to take pictures with you’re pumpkin of choice.


3. Attractions

Lakes Park is hosting its fifth annual pumpkin patch until October 31. If you’re one for hayrides and carnie food, then this is the patch to pick. They will be operating 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. through Halloween. Fair warning, the park tends get filled with young families bringing their kids to the bounce houses and train rides.  The prices for Jack O’ Lanterns varies on the weight. Each jack is 50 cense per pound.

Address: 7330 Gladiolus Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33908


4. If all else fails

Publix might not offer the same atmosphere that of a pumpkin patch, but it’s a worthy alternative. For a standard six dollars, you can purchase a decent size pumpkin for the same price that Estero United Methodist’s pumpkin patch offers. You won’t get the outdoor fall vibes but it’s an option if time gets the best of you.


Tip: The Dollar Tree in the Gulf Coast Town Center sells a carving kit for only one dollar. The kit incudes a shovel to scoop out the guts, triangle and square outs, and a serrated metal knife.





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