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Slurpee’s Bring Your Own Cup Day (Again!)

Slurpee announces its BYOC Day again for August 19 and 20. They’re encouragingpeople to bring their own cup into participating 7-Elevens to get a discounted rate for your slurpee of $1.50. 7-Eleven is using the slogan “What will you bring?” to encourage people to bring their funniest cups. The only rules are that the cup must be food safe, less than ten inches tall and drip proof. There’s only one cup allowed per person. Bring a fish bowl, a pineapple, or even a bucket and shovel and you’re good to go.

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Julia Browning is a senior studying journalism at Florida Gulf Coast University. She’s lived in Florida her entire life and plans to expand her geographical horizons after graduation, writing about her experiences along the way. Aside from writing articles for entertainment and lifestyle, she also enjoys writing creatively and is always in the process of researching a story. If Julia’s not in the newsroom she’s probably buried in a book, in a Netlfix binge that’s gone a little too far, or cheers-ing with her friends at happy hour.

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