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Track Review: Mac Demarco – ‘The way you’d love her’

With his home-grown twangy recordings, and his indie-Canadian thrift store persona, Mac Demarco is seen as a musician’s musician: no flashy pop covers or flavored attempts to look composed. Demarco likes to keep it real and smoke his Viceroy cigarettes.

His latest single “The Way You’d Love Her” on his upcoming album “Another One” is a renewed approach to his signature second-hand sound. With a vivacious beat, that leads wonky guitar riffs that sound like they’re coming from guitar pedals off of somebody’s yard sale, the latest single brings you back to simpler times. It’s not as lo-fi as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Night Club,” but the heart is still there.

Although subjects of many songs on “Salad Days,” were inspired by the struggles he faced during his tours, Demarco’s new release has a surprisingly upbeat vibe. We haven’t seen a song simply about loving a girl since his album titled, “2.”

Although Demarco has a sound that is only his, the new single has a bit of a tired formula: simple goofy riff leads to a repeated chorus that leads to a solo and then the song peters out. Hopefully, more releases from the new album will have more keyboard experimentation like we saw in “Salad Days” with “Chamber of Reflection” and “Passing Out Pieces”.

That being said, Demarco’s goofy personality and his laid-back writing style produces music that can be enjoyed by hipsters and casual listeners alike. “The Way You’d Love Her” is sure to be a summer soundtrack staple.

Listen to “The Way You’d Love Her”:

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