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Doom metal band, Windhand, releases chilling new single

If you’re hankering for the psychotic brooding of Black Sabbath and for the new age, your grunge metal craving may soon be fulfilled. Although stoner metal hasn’t been a popular household genre in decades, Windhand has been thrashing out heavy and irrepressible riffage since its relatively recent spawning in 2009.

Windhand unleashed its latest music video for “Crypt Key” on Aug. 5. First debuted on NPR, the single grips your spinal column with palpable rage and the true, raw essence of doom metal, a visually arresting fever dream. Reminiscent of a Nirvana B-side, “Crypt Key” accompanies visions of a blood-red sun among video of worldly suffrage (not atypical of an angsty metal band).

It’s no surprise that the chaotic motion of the Windhand’s single brings you back to the Cobain era; the Richmond, Virginia quintet teamed up with producer Jack Endino, who worked with Nirvana and Soundgarden.

You can watch the music video for “Crypt Key” now on YouTube, and the band’s newest album comes out Sept. 18 through relapse records.

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    That was better than I expected.

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