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Alumni aim to revolutionize personal training

FGCU alumni Stephanie and Jennifer Castano are on a mission to revolutionize personal training.

Link to Fitness, a new up and coming phone app, is set to do just that.

Link to Fitness alumni

(Left to right) Stephanie and Jennifer Castano pose for a part of their marketing campaign for their upcoming fitness app, Link to Fitness. (Photo courtesy of Link to Fitness)

The app aims to provide a platform for users and trainers to connect on their own time to make fitness more convenient and comfortable.

During her time at FGCU, Stephanie, who graduated with a degree in business management, had been a personal trainer but said the hours were inconvenient.

People tend to work a typical 9-to-5 job, meaning that, as a trainer, you need to be available before or after.

Hiring a personal trainer can also be a very expensive service, something sister Jennifer knows well after her husband had sought one due to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Along with Jennifer, who also graduated from FGCU, Stephanie was trying to solve both of those problems by creating an app to hopefully make fitness within reach for most.

“I’ve always believed that fitness professionals are the people that can teach people healthy lifestyles,” Stephanie said. “Most people end up turning to a doctor but don’t realize that doctors only treat a disease, not prevent.”

The app connects trainers and users, providing resources, workouts and more.

The trainers are then compensated based on their programs.

The app gives its users a “virtual gym” for them to access workouts from their trainers anywhere and at anytime.

While Stephanie deals with the business side of things, Jennifer is in charge of the design.

“The app is clean and user friendly,” Stephanie said. “Lots of thought went  into a natural design to help create feelings for you to take action.”

Photo courtesy of Link to Fitness

Michelle Mambuca, another FGCU alumna and  the public relations director of Link to Fitness, was also enthusiastic about the design.

“I love how this is accessible and affordable for college students,” Mambuca said. “I was limited in my potential as a college student.”

Link to Fitness is looking to reach college students as their main demographic.

Many college students have trouble finding time for activities such as fitness, which is a crucial component to your health,  Stephanie said, especially during this developmental stage.

“That’s really who we are targeting,” Mambuca said, “people who really need to access this information.”

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