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Bar goers help Eagles in need

Bar goers help Eagles in need
EN Photo / Georgette French

A club or  bar is the last place that anyone expects to make a contribution to help those in need, but this past weekend, guests of popular nightlife hotspots collected over 400 pounds of food for FGCU Eagles in need.

Patrons from the surrounding Fort Myers and Estero area spent all weekend partnering with FineLine Promotions to give back to FGCU Eagles by donating food as they enjoyed their nights out.

Students were surprised to see a food drive happening at their favorite bars, but many expressed that it was an interesting idea.

For the first time this year, FineLine Promotions – an organization created by FGCU seniors – conducted their bi-annual canned food drive to help provide for FGCU’s Food Pantry, and the outcome was very positive.

From Sept. 8 to Sept. 11, members of FineLine Promotions went to popular FGCU hang-out spots such as Rhythm House and Keys Bar to collect canned foods from patrons of the bars.

FineLines Promotions works to promote nightlife events that FGCU students would be interested in, while also working to lower bar costs and create a student-friendly atmosphere.

“We came together when two FGCU entrepreneurs, Kyle Blank, president of FineLine and Adam Otoole – both seniors –, decided they would like to make the nightlife better for FGCU students, as well as the local community,” FineLine intern Blake Wills said.

“Beginning Jan. 1, 2016 they brought in multiple EDM DJs, teamed up with the Miracle Baseball league to create ‘College Nights,’ and implemented multiple college nights at the local bars.”

Using the resources they gathered, the group decided to give back to the school by helping to stock the Food Pantry.

FGCU Food Donation

EN Photo / Georgette French

On Friday, Sept. 16, six members of FineLine delivered 10 crates of food – ranging from canned goods to boxed dinners – to the Food Pantry where a student volunteer helped unpack and weigh the food.

Thanks to guests who donated at the bars during the weekend, the food drive was more successful than FineLine members anticipated.

The organization was able to donate 460 pounds of food, including a large contribution from an unknown donor on Sunday.

The large contribution will help keep the Food Pantry, which offers food assistance to students in genuine need of supplies once a week, stocked throughout the next few months.

FGCU’s campus pantry is mostly student-run, and receives a majority of donations from students, volunteers and outside contributors who – like donations – are always welcome.

FineLine is just one of the organizations founded by FGCU students who have worked to provide for others through community service this semester, and aside from hosting food drives, the student-owned company also offers internships.

For students who may have missed out on the opportunity to make a contribution, or are looking for internship opportunities, Blank and Wills promise that there will be other opportunities to give back to Eagles in need.

“We will be continuing to plan one for each upcoming semester,” Blank said.

And for currently enrolled students in need of food assistance, the Food Pantry – located in the music modular, Room 102 – is open Monday and Friday from noon to 5 p.m., and Tuesday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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