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Bill for concealed carry on college and university campuses dies

Florida Senate Bill 68, a bill to allow concealed carry on college and university campuses, lived and died on the floor of the Florida Senate. On March 11, SB 68 failed along with 1,600 other bills this session.

More specifically, the Florida Senate recognizes the bill as “deleting a provision prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying a handgun or carrying a concealed weapon or firearm into a college or university facility.”

A bill to allow concealed weapons permit holders to openly carry their guns also failed this session.

The FGCU Faculty Senate voted, again, against concealed carry on campus Friday, Oct. 2, months before SB 68 was introduced to the floor in January. The bill was passed by the criminal justice and higher education committees before the introduction.

Sandra Pavelka, the vice president of Faculty Senate, facilitated the discussion during the meeting and said the group has had a long-standing opposing position regarding concealed weapons on campus.

“Many other university faculty senates across the state and student governments, including ours, who opposed it last year, have had an adamant opposition to these bills,” Pavelka said in January. “I strongly believe that right now the weapons are in the hands of the people that they need to be on campus — those being UPD.”

During the 2014-15 academic year, the issue was discussed by FGCU faculty senate where it was shot down as well.

An Eagle News poll showed that a majority of students, at 52 percent, were not in favor of the concealed carry.

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  1. ConcernedEagle

    I guess we can kiss our 2nd amendment right goodbye because of the delusional left wing idiots in the faculty senate.

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