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COBOL rallies in light of racial slurs found in Seidler Hall

COBOL rallies in light of racial slurs found in Seidler Hall
EN Photo / Travis Brown
(EN Photo / Travis Brown)


At 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27 in the Cohen Center bus loop, the Coalition of Black Organizational Leaders will hold a protest against FGCU administration’s delayed reaction to a racial slur found on a whiteboard in Seidler Hall.

The COBOL gathered on the balcony of the Cohen Center to discuss the incident Wednesday afternoon. During the meeting, members discussed how to demonstrate their discontent with the way the situation was handled by both FGCU officials and UPD.

Over the course of the meeting, members decided to hold a protest at the bus loop near Cohen Center.

FGCU student and meeting attendee, Retiya Woods, spoke to Eagle News.

“FGCU let us down by keeping this under wraps for two weeks,” Woods said. “This is a threat on our lives which needs to be taken seriously and I feel like, right now, FGCU isn’t taking it seriously.”

Another attendee, Joshua Valbrun, added, “Someone said ‘two weeks too late.’ That’s the truth.”

COBOL urges everyone to come to the bus loop at 1 p.m. to march in protest.

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