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FGCU alumni involved in social platform to assist in vehicle sales and purchases

One of the most time-consuming and stressful activities someone can do is buy or sell a car.

Last August, a company called Dreamware made this process easier by launching Car Lister. Now, Car Lister has launched the first social platform in the auto industry and the process has become even more enjoyable.

“Car Lister is a web application with everything built in to buy and sell a car,” said Silvia Krivickova, marketing and creative director of Dreamware.

The web application can be launched on any current internet-enabled device – such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. The first step to use Car Lister, is to create an account.

“After creating an account, the user needs to snap a picture of the vehicle identification number and answer some questions pertaining the vehicle, such as how many miles, and they’re set,” Krivickova said.

“It doesn’t take longer than two minutes,” she said.

Users are also given the option of selecting the radius in which people will have to be in order to see the car. Car Lister then generates a description, and if the user doesn’t like it, a new one can be generated.

Just like any social media, users have a profile, or “wall,” and a home page or “feed,” with Car Lister. Images can also be added to your wall on Car Lister, as well a link for a YouTube video or a recorded one.

“You can find anything related to cars in Car Lister — news and events, and even make groups,” Krivickova said.

Car Lister is free for anybody to use, and Car Lister provides four ways in which sellers and buyers can communicate — phone, email, instant message and for the iOS users, FaceTime is also an option.

Car Lister’s main office is in Bonita Springs, about one mile south of Coconut Point Mall. Six Florida Gulf Coast University graduates are currently employed by Dreamware. These FGCU alumni are encouraging others to try it, too.

“We are a rapidly growing technology company with salespeople across the USA,” said Andrew Johnson, Car Lister social support specialist.

“It’s a very casual and relaxed environment,” Johnson said. “We even have ping-pong tournaments on Fridays, and we manage to get our work done professionally.”

“What I love about this company is they focus on using people’s skills,” said Vanessa Mosquera, another social support specialist and FGCU alum. “We are currently looking for more people. We are looking for millennials.

“If there is any current student interested to get their feet wet with marketing in a company, they are welcome to,” Mosquera added.

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