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FGCU launches new online store

FGCU launches new online store
The online store, is an extension of the campus bookstore. It was launched Friday, April 8.

FGCU launched a new online merchandise store,, on Friday, April 8. The store, which is an extension of the bookstore on campus, features more than 3,000 new products.

“Having an official online store dedicated strictly to merchandise is something we’ve been looking to incorporate to our operations for a while,” said Loren Prive, the director of business operations, “and we were just finally able to add it.”

Prive said the university is looking forward to using the online store to expand the FGCU brand by introducing more people to it as well as increasing the university’s revenue.

The store was created and will be operated by Advanced-Online, which is owned by Follett. Follett is the company that manages the bookstore.

“We worked with (Advanced-Online) and our bookstore team to create a site that offers FGCU merchandise beyond what the bookstore has in stock,” Prive said.

The new website has specific features that the bookstore website doesn’t. For instance, buyers will be able to order on-demand items with specific logos in bulk. Another feature is that buyers can track their order status and offer suggestions for new items.

The categories, which are listed on the left side of the site, include everyday essentials, business accessories, collectibles and tailgate and leisure. Gift certificates are available on the new site as well.

No registration is needed to purchase items. Prive said the company has an inventory of all of the products, and the logos are placed ahead of time. So, Advanced-Online can ship them within 24 hours after ordering.

Brian Stover, a sophomore at FGCU, said he likes online shopping, but he probably won’t buy anything from the new online store.
“It’s cool that it’s for the school itself, but I just really don’t trust the bookstore prices,” Stover said. “You can probably get the same thing on Amazon for like half the price.”

Delaney Young, a freshman at FGCU, said she likes shopping at the bookstore website, so she’ll consider buying from the new website.

“I normally buy for my family and ship it to them,” Young said. “I’ll probably buy (from the new one) if they have cute stuff.”

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