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Florida Gulf Coast University named #8 safest campus in Florida

Florida Gulf Coast University named #8 safest campus in Florida
EN Photo by Julia Bonavita.

By Nina Mendes

News & Features Editor

FGCU has recently been named the eighth safest college campus in Florida, according to Your Local Security.

The main criteria for receiving this nomination are having 5,000+ students enrolled, offering a two- or four-year degree program and being a public, private or non-profit institution.

Three additional factors, including violent, property and hate crime rates per 1,000 people, also determined schools’ rankings.

“A safe community, including a campus like FGCU, recognizes that everyone is responsible for working together to make – and keep – a place that is safe and caring for each other,” said Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans.

FGCU scored right behind Southeastern University in Lakeland.

Hillsborough Community College in Tampa topped the list with low 2019 hate crime rates.

Although FGCU doesn’t publically recognize these rankings due to the varying methodologies and data for their calculations, the university believes that our campus is a safe place for students, faculty, staff and visitors, according to Evans.

She said, “working together makes FGCU stronger and safer for everyone.”

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