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FGCU students arrested for more than 100 grams of marijuana substances

On Monday, Nov. 2, two FGCU students were arrested for possession of more than 100 grams of marijuana substances following a routine room inspection in North Lake Village.

Both Zachary Tyler Picciano and Zachary Louis Shaffer are facing multiple drug-related felony charges after their building Q apartment was searched.

Zachary Louis Shaffer

Zachary Louis Shaffer, 19

Zachary Tyler Picciano

Zachary Tyler Picciano, 19

Shaffer was found to have 93.2 grams of marijuana, edibles, paraphernalia and $1,290 in US currency in his room. Shaffer voluntarily provided a statement to UPD officers. He now faces one count offelony substance possession, one count of felony substance distribution within 1,000 feet of a college campus and one misdemeanor count of drug paraphernalia possession.

Picciano was found to be in possession of 23.6 grams of “dabs oil,” a well-known marijuana substance. According to arrest reports, before being questioned, Picciano declared that he only sells to his friends to cover his costs. He now faces the same charges as his roommate — one count of felony substance-possession, one count of felony substance-distribution within 1,000 feet of a college campus and one misdemeanor count of drug paraphernalia possession.

Both Picciano and Shaffer were transported to Lee Country Jail where their bonds were set at $16,500 each. Both teens were bailed out early Tuesday morning.

About The Author

Madison Hampton

Madison Hampton is a sophomore who has a different major every week. She is the sports and media editor. She was born at a young age in Naples, Florida and has since become a caffeine dependent life-form. When she isn't in the newsroom, she's probably taking a nap. Madison is a paper-cut survivor and an advocate of sweatpants in the work place. #GodBlessThisHotMess


  1. George

    Y’all flaw puttin them boys on blast like that

  2. John doe

    Why there is there a story on this. Just exploiting people’s personal business. Don’t have anything else to write a story about?

  3. Alex Mendes

    This shouldn’t even be an article. incredibly poor taste madison. the student body does not need to hear about peoples lives being ruined over marijuana.

  4. matt

    I would of kicked door on jits like them haha

  5. Pig Wrangler

    Fuck the world we live in where cops go around ruining people’s lives over a plant. I bet you that pig went home and had a nice cold one with some donuts. Now that shits deadly

  6. Madison hater

    Since when is enjoying one of gods great creations infringing on other people’s rights to live. I’ll tell who does infringe on other people’s rights. Cops as they beat and arrest college kids for possession of an almost legal harmless fucking plant. Someone else who’s infringing on people’s rights is you Madison you just completely destroyed any bit of reputation they could still have by posting this tasteless article. Enjoy your very dangerous and addictive substance called weed…oh wait that’s caffeine I was talking about.

  7. FGCU Eagle

    Madison, this is a terrible thing to do to some other students that go to school here with you at FGCU. This is not a story that needs to be blown up like you’ve done. You will not get anywhere in your career as an editor if stuff like this is the only thing you can find to write about on a slow news day.

  8. nologic

    Why is everyone defending the two guys who were doing something completely illegal, and attacking the people who are just doing their jobs (police officers and news reporter)? If you are so angry for the fact they were caught with 100grms of marijuana, then you are all more than free to transfer to a university in one of the states where marijuana consumption is legal.

  9. Really?

    Madison, pay no mind to the people judging you for posting this article. Just keep reporting the news like any other journalist would do. News is news, whether the peanut gallery here wants to accept that or not.

  10. concerned

    this whole article is so unnecessary

  11. EN #1 Fan

    Do you read the New York Times or tune into CNN and only hear about good news? I definitely do not. News is good AND bad, it’s the job of a journalist to report on everything that’s going on, their personal opponions mean nothing and being biased becomes one of their most important traits. It may “just be a plant” but new flash it’s still illegal. Great piece Hampton!

  12. Lets Be Real

    Many of you must not know what the news does. They report events like this. This is public knowledge anyways. Also, these boys posted about them getting arrested to their snapchat, they have ruined their ‘reputation’ themselves. Nowhere in this article did Madison say trash about these boys, she is simply stating the facts that are public records already. Good article, Madison.

  13. Whatsittoya

    Madison Hampton. I realize you might be trying to be politically correct while writing your article but “dabs oil” is not correct. Dabs and oil are the exact same thing. “Marijuana concentrate” is the politically correct term for dabs, derbs, oil, wax, shatter, and ear-wax.

  14. Admin

    Thank you, Madison, for shining a light on the news/stories of the community. These boys were participating not only in illegal behaviors, but violating campus policy. College is all about learning, and this article has proven to be one great educational tool! Keep up the great work; you are going to make a phenomenal journalist!

  15. FGCU

    The only reason yall mad is cause they are two white males, if it was a white female she would be called a dumb bitch, if they were black (any gender) it would be “justified”. If you think my statement sounds stupid just know that is exactly how you sound when you defend these criminals.

  16. Morality vs legality

    Yes selling Marijuana is illegal, but we all know here far to well that someone new gets arrested for selling drugs on campus almost every week. Yes it was a copious amount of drugs, but do you really have to put their mugshots up on SCHOOL news for all of their classmates to see. As a journalist job well done, as a moral human being you you need to step outside of your major and bettering yourself to see if it’s really worth it to step on people to further your career. Madison mistakes are made all the time please learn from this one as those poor boys probably learned from theirs. You can succeed in journalism by posting breaking stories like this one for sure, but is that the person you want to be? I know you can do it, post the best story FGCU has ever seen next week without hurting anyone weather it be a “good person” or “bad person” people make mistakes all the time. How would you like it if your mistakes were made public.

  17. Robert California

    The same people wondering why these illegal actions are being defended probably enjoy an alcoholic beverage regularly, conveniently forgetting that drinking was once prohibited in the United States.

    If you’re someone who still believes legality is a determinant for morality, just remember the fact that Hitler’s rise to power was completely legal.

  18. Bad

    The problem with this article is that something like this happens every day. It’s not fair that these 2 guys have to be exploited to media coverage acting like this is a huge deal when it’s something that’s always going on around us. Now everyone is going to know who these 2 kids are due to Madison thinking she’s writing a good story. Go do a story on global warming or something Madison and stop nosing into people’s business

  19. Grape Lion

    Ridiculous! Let them boys go and find real criminals! So retarded!!!!

  20. Stephen

    Anyone who uses the word retarded in 2015 has no credibility and is likely uneducated (and if you’re an FGCU student go interview a special education major on why that’s not an acceptable word to use). The rest of these people can move to Colorado because they seem to forget marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida. Madison, you’ve got a job with my company when you graduate. Fools feeling bad for criminals should go read every other campus newspaper in the country. They all do daily blotter and then full stories for noteworthy arrests.

    These students will love it at Florida southwest state college.

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