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How to register to vote in the Presidential Preference Primaries

Florida residents, who wish to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary, must register to vote by Tuesday, Feb. 16.

People who are not registered to vote can register by filling out a Florida Voter Registration Application, which can be found on Voters can submit by mail or in person to any Supervisor of Elections office in the state. The office nearest to FGCU is the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office, 2480 Thompson Street in Fort Myers.

Applications can also be submitted to any Florida DMV, an armed forces recruitment office or a public library.

People who want to check their voter registration status can do so at the website.

According to the Division of Elections website, 12,025,550 people are registered to vote in the state of Florida. Of those, 4,548,636 are registered Democrats and 4,235,834 are registered Republicans; 3,241,080 are not affiliated with either party.

Florida has closed primaries. So, only people who are registered as a Democrat or Republican can vote in a primary for their register party affiliate.

The Florida Presidential Preference Primary is scheduled for March 15, with early voting available March 5 to 12. Voters can find their polling place, which is based on the home address listed on their driver license, at

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